Chronic Pain:My Personal Journey

My Personal Journey with Chronic Pain

If you are in pain, you are not alone. Pain is a silent epidemic in the United States. Approximately 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder, or accident. An additional 25 million people suffer acute pain resulting from surgery or an accident.
My pain began when I was 11 years old and it has been compounded by accidents and multiple life stressors. I spent decades being undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. Treatments varied and I had intermittent periods of having less pain, less fatigue, and I felt better, but never well and never for very long. This led me on a journey where I devoted much of my life to finding solutions to both the physical pain and the mental anguish connected to it. When you have chronic pain it becomes the center of your world; every relationship, your work, your ability to enjoy life to it's fullest....everything revolves around it. It’s easy to forget that your illness is not your identity. It often challenges our self esteem, our identity and our faith.

If you would like to work with a therapist who truly understands what you are experiencing and has discovered creative solutions other professionals are unaware of, call me for a free consult. Let's see what we can do together to improve the quality of your life. Don't let the depression and anxiety that come along with the pain overwhelm you or immobilize you. Take this one step for you, you deserve it. If you need home visits that too can be arranged.

"We certainly cannot succeed as a culture by continuing to deny and ignore pain, as if we could silence it beneath a mountain of pills."David Morris

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